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Whole House Humidifier Reviews

Since we posted our article last month about ‘Winter Cold Causing Problems with Your Hardwoods’, we’ve had a handful of people ask us about different humidifier options for their home. As we explained, along with the cold winter weather comes dry air. To stay toasty warm in our homes, we sometimes crank up the heater, which adds […]

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Water On Hardwood Floors – Yikes!

Water damage on beautiful hardwood floors can be one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. Imagine coming home after a wonderful weekend get-away only to find that your dishwasher has leaked water all over the hardwoods in your kitchen. Or sometimes the water slowly sneaks in when you least expect it, like in the entryway of […]

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Many thanks! The floors look beautiful. Will keep you in mind should any friends wonder aloud, “Who did your floors?”

— John, Seattle

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