Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful asset to add to your home. Protect their warmth and character with simple ways to prevent damage.

Dirt and Grit

Each day we unknowingly track dirt and sand into our home, which can be your hardwood floors worst enemy. They act like sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents and dulling. Place floor mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage.

Water & Other Liquids

Standing water can warp the finish on hardwood floors. Excessive moisture over time can cause cupping and would require repair. Simply wipe up all spills as they happen. If pets have water bowls, place trays or mats underneath to catch any unexpected spills while you’re not watching.

Cleaning Products

It is extremely important to avoid all oil soaps and cleaning products on your hardwood floors. They can build up and create problems when it’s time to add a maintenance coat to your floor. While a little vinegar and water is a good option, neutral pH cleaners made specifically for wood floors are recommended. One product we recommend for cleaning hardwood floors is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.


Avoid dragging your furniture across hardwoods – lift and carry it instead. Put inexpensive felt pads under the legs to help prevent scratches. Here are some helpful tips: How to Move Furniture


Direct sun can discolor your hardwood floors over time. Consider closing curtains and blinds or add sheer drapes to protect from the sun’s intense UV rays. If you have area rugs or furniture, you may consider moving them around to reduce large areas from getting discolored.

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