A Healthy Choice – Hardwood Floors Help Allergies

Installing hardwood floors is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma. One of the most common allergies these days is dust. Suffering from a dust allergy can be very frustrating, especially when dust occurs naturally in our homes on virtually every surface we touch.

While wall to wall carpet is soft under your feet, it unfortunately harbors a lot of dust and, therefore, dust mites. Too small to be seen by the naked eye, these tiny insects excrete waste products that unknowingly cause allergic symptoms in many people.

Allergists also recommend hardwood flooring as the best choice for people with allergies because carpets tend to accumulate dirt and mold, even with regular vacuuming. While dirt can easily get trapped in the fibers of your carpet, it has nowhere to hide on hardwood floors.

Give your body a chance to live in a house free of the allergens that come with wall to wall carpet and replace it with beautiful hardwood floors. Take control of the dust in your home and call Classic Hardwood Floors anytime to discuss adding hardwoods to your home as an alternative to carpet. It will be an investment your body will thank you for.

Thank you Classic Hardwood Floors! I love how the floors turned out. I’ll definitely tell people about you guys! Thanks again!

— Nancy, West Seattle

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